Our core values ensure that our approach is both repeatable and scalable

Our Approach
Our core values ensure that our approach is both repeatable and scalable

Our commitment to deliver superior returns for our clients stems from our ability to identify outperformers early in the cycle and see the investment through to eventual market recognition of value. Our core values inform all decisions of our firm and underpin our strategy, ensuring that our approach is both repeatable and scalable.



Our clients trust us to make the correct decision. As fellow stakeholders with them, we have intentionally aligned our interests in order to safeguard the decision-making process. Our independence enables us to take concentrated positions in high conviction trades, and we are comfortable with short-term volatility; viewing it as an opportunity to strengthen our position. Our commitment to independence means that we oftentimes make unpopular choices.


Thought Leadership

Through our proprietary research and relationships, we seek to anticipate long-term economic growth trends and capitalize on shifts in industry structures. This simple philosophy of investing in businesses with sound fundamentals and solid competitive advantages has proven itself across business and market cycles. Our commitment to thought leadership means that we invest well ahead of the herd.



Each investment opportunity follows a well-defined process. Target price financial modeling is reinforced with qualitative views on strengths and weaknesses. Our diligence goes beyond ticking off a checklist, rather, we rigorously cross reference with industry sources and executives to validate our thesis. We place a high value on company senior management making themselves available for interviews. Our commitment to a process-driven outcome means that we do not take any shortcuts.



Our most important asset is our reputation. Preserving our integrity as trusted advisors and managers permeates our corporate culture. We are thus equally committed to keeping our professionals intellectually stimulated and well versed with international ethical standards. We have partnered with well-respected third-party service providers and company directors. Our commitment to professionalism means that we are proud of our work because it is an extension of ourselves.